success story

The Voice Lab

“I sought help from SCORE because I saw it as an opportunity to learn from someone for whom my daily struggles were easy to organize and maneuver,” Hearns says. Read more

Liz Jackson Hearns
Owner and Vocal Instructor , The Voice Lab
success story

The Dress by Nicole—A Dream Fulfilled

Beginning in January 2008 she was counseled by SCORE counselor Carlos Bastidas, who helped her develop a business plan, assess the financial requirements, identify ways to make her Read more

Nicole Kurz
The Dress by Nicole
success story

Pleasant House Bakery

Art and Chelsea Jackson are both trained chefs who had a dream of opening their own restaurant. To help them achieve their dream, they came to SCORE in October 2008 and consulted w Read more

Art and Chelsea Jackson
Pleasant House Bakery
success story

The Kenilworth Dailey Method

In the short time since their grand opening, Tami and Leann’s business is flourishing, their 27 weekly sessions are completely full, and they are considering offering more sessions Read more

Tami Conway and Leann Kurtzweil
Owners, The Dailey Method
success story

Kookaburra Play Café

Thanks to Joanna and Andrea’s passion and drive, together with the solid counseling of Earl Shraiberg, their business is flourishing and continuing to become everything that Joanna Read more

Joanna and Andrea Dayco
Owner, Kookaburra Play Café
success story

Cheshire Cat Confectionary

Lori says that “Mitch laughed at me when I walked in to our first meeting and announced that I would open my business in 3 months. Read more

Lori Byars
Owner and “mad baker”, Cheshire Cat Confectionary