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Bella Café—Hopes and Dreams Fulfilled

Beginning in October 2008, Shawne and Andy Schillaci came to SCORE with their plan to acquire a restaurant business. At first, they were counseled by Thomas Redler and Frank Parz a Read more

Shawne and Andy Schillaci
Bella Café
success story

Quick Snippers—The Cutting Edge of Business

Needing advice in the marketing, sales and packaging of their invention, and in improving its design so as to be more consumer-friendly, Lisa and Miriam came to SCORE and received Read more

Lisa Avery and Miriam Smith
Quick Snippers
success story

Fitness Assets—A Business Fit for Growth

When  Bruce first came to SCORE in 2007 his first product, Fitness  Asset Manager, was under initial development and he needed  help in effectively marketing his product. Bruce’s c Read more

Bruce Gehrig
Fitness Assets
success story

Lounge Pac—Inventing to Success

What Dan needed was an experienced business advisor who could give him guidance in the manufacture, promotion and marketing of his product. Read more

Daniel Pedemonte
Lounge Pac