Develop a Winning Business Plan from a Banker's Perspective June 30, 2022, 3:00pm CDT June 30, 2022, 4:30pm CDT
Zoom Webinar

A Business Plan is an important document for raising start-up capital, helping you to monitor progress and achieving your goals. When done correctly, it is a "living" document and tool that will help you manage the business beyond start-up.

In this webinar, you will learn how to prepare a realistic plan that will document your vision, goals and strategy. No business should be started or maintained without a plan. The key is an understanding of what should be included and how to capture the reader's interest in a concise but interesting way. In addition to developing a successful business plan, the presenter will help you understand the financial statements and how they relate to risk and performance. You will also be educated about the SBA qualifications and how to overcome the underwriting obstacles.

Attendees will learn how to:

- Establish the information needed for a detailed Business Plan.
- Create the environment of the company, product or service that will be the basis of the business plan; identify the operations, marketing approach and financial implications.
- Establish pro forma P&L statements, utilizing three revenue scenarios: aggressive, modest and slow revenue growth.
- Identify the risks you'll face within each pro forma P&L statement; select the most likely growth scenario.
- Develop the expected cash flow from the chosen growth scenario, loan needs and expected payback to investors and yourself.
- Prioritize your action steps, recognizing those that are absolute musts, very important and less important. In essence, you are creating a time line and calendar for the tasks you will undertake to accomplish your growth objectives.
- Create your Plan and the last critical item, the Executive Summary. Note - this summary must portray your view of the business opportunity as positive, enthusiastic and succinct.

Presenter: Michael J. Knazur

Michael J. Knazur is the Senior Vice-President and SBA Sales Manager at Byline Bank. Michael brings 20 years of commercial lending experience to his role as an SBA lender, having served in senior credit positions at commercial financial institutions throughout the Chicago area. Michael provides financing solutions and counseling to small businesses in the Chicago area and Northwest Indiana, with an emphasis in manufacturing and distribution. Michael is actively involved in the Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago, Valley Industrial Association, Small Business Development Center and SomerCor 504. Michael joined Ridgestone Bank in 2012 and will continue to focus on SBA lending with Byline Small Business Capital.

Develop a Winning Business Plan from a Banker's Perspective