Strategic Thinking and Key Performance Indicators for Business Growth June 29, 2022, 3:00pm CDT June 29, 2022, 4:30pm CDT
Zoom Webinar

This workshop is for a successfully launched and established small business owner, and discusses what things to keep an eye on and what indicators (KPI) to measure, related to the business. By doing so, the business owner has the assurance that business is being run properly, as would be reflected in the company financials, and in the employee satisfaction surveys, and position the company to take strategic steps towards growth.

Workshop Description:
1. Organization Structure and organization inventory assessments and measurements
2. Organization biggest asset – employees: how to hire, train, develop, and assess; RACI framework for employee tasks; Motivate employees to “high skill and high engagement” performance quadrant
3. Process mapping for repeatability of performance output and to be able to calculate “cost of goods” and “cost of sales”
4. Critical Organization finance: COGS/COS; Pricing and Revenue; P&L or Income Statement; Balance Sheet; payables & receivables; working capital & surplus capital
5. Operational Planning: Supplier/Customer; Capacity; throughput; inventory
6. Sales and Marketing: New Business Development
7. Strategic Thinking: Growth Planning ; SWOT; Change Management; Eisenhower Box

Workshop Synopsis: (learning objectives and/or learning outcomes)
The takeaways from this workshop are multifaceted:
- As a business owner how to think with methods and numbers.
- How to maintain right organization structure for the business
- Are the right people hired, trained, developed and retained to have a strong organization?
- Understanding Organization Financials to effectively increase profits and reduce liabilities.
- Highlights of Operational planning to manage thruput, capacity, inventory, and suppliers & buyers
- Generating growth in business through marketing and sales
- Strategic planning for growth at the right time with good implementation steps

Presenter: Masoom Ahmed

Masoom Ahmed holds Engineering Degrees from IIT Chicago and Executive Management Degree from University of Chicago Booth School of Management. He worked with a fortune 100 Chicago based company for many years, in US and ex US regions. He served in critical roles in Operations Management, Asset Management after an M&A, Global Product Launch and New Business Development through M&A and/or internal pipeline. He left the corporate entity, post planned spin off to form two independent companies from the parent company.

Masoom Ahmed formed an LLC to work with small business organizations (both profit and nonprofit) in the Chicagoland area. In 2013 Masoom joined SCORE organization in the role of a business consultant, workshop/webinar presenter, and a mentor. He works with both SCORE Chicago and SCORE North Cook & Lake Counties.

About the Presenter(s)

Masoom Ahmed

I am an Alumnus of Illinois Institute of Technology(IIT, Chicago) University of Chicago Booth school of Management. My background and experience are three fold: 1) I have a corporate America experience from a Chicago based fortune 100 corporation. I have worked in US ex US locations in areas of , - Business Growth by launching new products or by expanding in different markets. - Executing...

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