• Panelist #1: Ken Stolman, Salesforce
• Panelist #2: Margaret McGraw, Wintrust
• Panelist #3: Diran Hafiz, Microsoft

Ken Stolman is a strategic sales and marketing executive with 12 years of enterprise, advertising sales and brand management experience. Ken, a Senior Account Executive with Salesforce, partners with customers on digital transformation initiatives, leveraging technology and platform solutions to harness the power of data and relationship management. Ken will speak to the value of connecting a robust CRM across an organization and why a disciplined digital strategy can unlock tremendous value.

Margaret McGraw is the Director of Data Analytics and Digital Marketing at Wintrust Financial Corporation. She will be sharing some insights on the Wintrust Cubs marketing pertaining to using Google and other targeted marketing approaches.

Diran Hafiz is the Head of Advertiser Analytics at Microsoft Advertising, leading data and insights curation across the Automotive and Careers/EDU verticals. He will be talking about how your own data and knowledge of your marketplace can be weaponized; and sharing analytics examples that demonstrate how you can target potential customers early in the funnel.

Collecting & Effectively Using Digital Data to Grow Sales