• Panelist #1: Chad Kramer, Facebook

• Panelist #2: Tracy Schmidt, Socially Authentic

• Panelist #3: Mark Goodman, e-Conversation

Chad Kramer is an Agency Partner at Facebook. He collaborates to strategically develop and grow brands on Facebook and the Facebook Family of Apps and Services. Chad is passionate about helping small and medium businesses unlock the true power of Facebook to help them thrive. He specializes in turning data and insights into action. Chad will be discussing Leveraging the new Facebook.

Tracy Samantha Schmidt is the principal of Socially Authentic, a social media consultancy. Previously she led the social media strategy for both Uptake and Crain's Communications.

Mark Goodman - prior to founding e-Conversation, Mark held numerous positions as a technology executive, including Director of Business Development at Motorola. He was also an executive for a Silicon Valley company, a film buyer for General Cinema Theatres, as well as holding an MBA from Boston University and an MA in radio/TV/film from Northwestern University.

Using Social Media To Grow Your Business