SCORE Chicago Business Workshops and Seminars

Our full-featured program offers training on the basics of starting a business as well as advanced topics of interest to more established companies.

Workshops for Early Stage Entrepreneurs

SCORE CHICAGO offers a series of 5 workshops designated to provide basic information for early stage entrepreneurs. They are offered monthly at our downtown Chicago location. The workshops covered in this series are:

  • How to Really Start Your Own Business
  • Start up Your Business with a Successful Plan
  • Financial – Accounting Tools for Money Management
  • Marketing – The Engine that Powers Your Business
  • Show me the money

Special Topic Workshops for All Entrepreneurs

These workshops address many issues that face both those just starting their businesses as well as established businesses. The workshops are designed to help small businesses meet the challenges of competing in an ever-changing marketplace, staying abreast of government issues, utilizing new financial tools and assessing the many choices available in the digital world. We try to keep our offerings timely, so they are constantly changing. Here are just some examples of the topics we offer:

  • Managing an Existing Business? We offer workshops on Business Income Tax, Customer Engagement, Starting a Restaurant, Trademarks and Copyrights.
  • Need to brush up on Financial and Accounting Skills? We offer workshops on QuickBooks, Personal Finance for Business Owners, Building a Financial Toolkit and Factoring
  • Wondering how the Internet can help your business thrive?  We offer workshops on  LinkedIn for Business, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, WordPress and E-Commerce.

Business Seminars

These seminars are offered throughout the suburbs and are designed to bring the most current and relevant information to your business.

Seminars are usually co-sponsored with a partner, making them free to you.  Our sponsors include libraries, chambers of commerce and other community venues and supporters.

Topics include a broad spectrum of business subjects of interest to both beginning entrepreneurs and those already in business.  There is a heavy emphasis on digital, social media and technology information.