Citizens of Highland Park, Illinois joined together to organize an effort to restore a historic park in that community, Jens Jensen Park.

They formed an organization called Friends of Jens Jensen Park, chaired by Paul Silverman and Alison Brett. One of the newer counselors with SCORE Chicago, Donald Miller, who resides in that community, contributed considerable time, effort and business expertise to the cause, and was instrumental in the project from its genesis.

Don’s guidance assisted the Friends of Jens Jensen Park in generating ideas, fundraising, and managing the relationship between that organization and the Park District. A total of approximately $80,000 was raised from public contributions, a portion of which has been set aside for future renovations and the development of educational tools. Renovation of the park was completed in Fall 2007 and received an award from the Historic Preservation Commission of Highland Park in recognition of the positive impact the restored park has on the community.

 Award Winning Park Restoration Completed Successfully