For years Suzan Jardine baked brownies, cookies, scones and other “tasty treasures” which she would bring to her office to be enjoyed by fellow employees.

When she retired, she decided to use her talent for baking to develop a second career.

How SCORE helped. 

Without any experience in starting a business, Suzan sought SCORE’s help and began to work with SCORE counselor Marge Schneider to develop her business concept and to learn the fundamentals of marketing, cost structuring, financial planning and website design. In May 2009, after a number of counseling sessions with Marge, Suzan was able to launch her business under the name of Brown Eyed Suzan’s Cookies and has already begun to realize substantial success in her venture, catering such special events as graduations, showers, business meetings, birthdays, weddings and housewarmings. 

The importance of Marge Schneider’s contribution to Suzan’s success is best described in Suzan’s own words: “SCORE, and Marge in particular, helped me define my goals and outline the steps to get there. When I initially met with Marge, I had a concept for my business, but didn’t know how to make it a reality. Marge helped me redefine and refine my business concept. She also helped me keep on track with the important things, such as setting up my costs, expenses and pricing, as well as giving me ideas for marketing and sales. I’m certain I will be successful because of her help. I am still trying things, but now I know how to make modifications and keep moving ahead. I would not be as far along without her. She’s wonderful!”

 Brown Eyed Suzan’s Cookies—From Hobby to Successful Business