Earnestine James is a woman in her 70s who had retired after 23 years as a customer representative with Transworld Airlines.

Retirement for Earnestine was just the opening for a second career. Always on the lookout for starting new companies, Earnestine decided to open a business of providing motorcycle escorts for funerals.

Seeking help for her new venture, Earnestine came to SCORE and was counseled by SCORE counselor Jack Donohue. Jack worked with Earnestine to develop a business plan, identify funeral directors as potential clients, establish a fee structure, and provide her with ideas for advertising and developing her business.

How SCORE helped. 

With Jack’s mentoring, Earnestine was soon able to establish an association with two funeral directors, and in July 2011 escorted her first funeral procession. As a result of the excellent service she provided, D & Z Escort Service is today becoming a thriving business.

Earnestine is grateful to Jack Donohue and SCORE for enabling her to realize her ambition.

D & Z Funeral Escort Service