Jimmie and Tiffany Williams started a snow removal business in December 2007. From that beginning, they expanded their business to include other services such as lawn care, landscaping and full building maintenance.

Their clients benefit year round eliminating the hassle of having to deal with multiple vendors. Their focus on high quality service enabled them to develop a fine reputation which has caused their business to grow substantially.

However, as their business grew, they realized that they needed help in establishing an effective bookkeeping system and a workable budget.

How SCORE helped. 

Fortunately, they were referred to SCORE, where Counselor Brian Stinton taught them how to set up a QuickBooks system, combined with Fresh Books, to create the bookkeeping system they needed in order to keep their business functioning smoothly and efficiently. Brian also helped them establish a budget, and has since been advising them on various aspects of their business which has resulted in continuing and steady growth.

As Jimmie and Tiffany said: “Brian has been an asset to our business as he has helped us move from simply running the business to managing the business effectively. Being able to view financial statements and forecast projections is one of our strengths, and a skill that has given us competitive advantage and helps us significantly through these tough economic times. We’re honored and blessed to have Brian on our team, adding another brick to the foundation that will sustain us throughout our future.”

Their website can be found at www.justuslawncare.com

Just Us Lawn Care—Bringing Needed Help to a Growing Business