Shadow Executive Services—In the shadow of success Sandra Roos sought to capitalize on her experience as project director for the American Bar Association to start her own business offering administrative assistance to small-size not-forprofit associations.

Her services would enable such associations to obtain administrative support without having to hire full-time help for that purpose.

How SCORE helped. 

First, however, Sandra needed assistance of her own in learning how to start a business and, with the help of SCORE counselor Jack Donohue, she was able to develop a business plan and to focus on the ways to attract and increase her clientele. Her website (Shadow Executive Services) describes her mission as follows:

“Shadow Executive Services is an association management company that helps non-profit Boards get their work done. We help small associations who are passionate about their mission, but they just can’t afford full time staff. We offer another choice – the professional knowledge and experience they need at a price they can afford. Helping them achieve their mission is our passion.”

Today, Sandra’s business is growing thanks in large part to Jack’s guidance. As she said, “SCORE encouraged me and helped me see the need for focus, direction and networking.”

Shadow Executive Service can be found on the web at:

Shadow Executive Services—In the shadow of success