When Tricia Parker started her career in in TV journalism, she realized many important stories slipped by untold. Later, when she got into publishing, she saw a need for “behind-the-scenes” help preparing and editing manuscripts, particularly with the growth of self-publishing. 

“In studying these two areas, I realized I could pair my journalistic abilities with a lifelong love of books, and offer a much-needed service,” Parker says.

In her business, Tricia Parker Communications, Parker provides editorial and literary consulting services. She saw the industry shift in her first five years in business, which provided opportunities along with challenges. Parker had to remember to trust her natural strengths in determining where to focus her company’s services.

My successes. 

“When important milestones occurred in my business, [Peg] encouraged me to promote these successes online,” Parker says. “As my five-year anniversary approached in May 2017, she provided the impetus to launch my first e-marketing campaign.” Parker notes that most of her business until that point had come via referrals and online directories. “Peg has gone above and beyond with her time, support and encouragement.” 

How SCORE helped. 

Parker turned to SCORE when she wanted a second opinion on her brand positioning and her website. “I also needed the motivation to actually sit down and develop a business plan,” she says. She first connected with volunteer mentor Ezzy Dabbish, who helped refine Parker’s business plan and website. Then mentor Peg Corwin stepped in to focus on Parker’s marketing and expansion plans.

Tricia Parker Communications

My Mentors