Irwin Myers started his video production by accident in 1987. “I got interested in video because I wanted to be the Monty Python of Chicago, producing funny and poignant comedy skits,” he remembers. When his wife’s boss learned of Myers' interest in video, he asked to have three videos produced for his company. Myers realized a business was born. 

“Since I really didn’t have a business background, I had to learn the many aspects of running a business by trial and error,” Myers recalls. “So far, I have been able to meet that challenge successfully, though I’m still learning how to run a business every day.”

Video One Productions has evolved to provide video production, digital editing, duplication and other related services for businesses and individuals in the Chicago area. Myers’ clients include trade shows, executives, and companies who want to create training and marketing videos.

My successes. 

Corwin has advised Myers on best practices for Facebook, Google Adwords, LinkedIn, blogging, and other social marketing techniques. “As a result of her guidance, I am on page one of Google for several important keywords and obtain a steady flow of about two excellent bid opportunities every day.”

How SCORE helped. 

Myers approached SCORE for marketing advice. He attended an email marketing workshop at his local library, but ultimately decided that email marketing wasn’t the best route for promoting his business. 

Myers met with volunteer mentors Arnie Goldberg and Mark Lieberman. They even connected Myers with the Chicago SCORE workshop organizer, who invited Myers to present several workshops on video marketing. 

Lieberman clicked with mentor Peg Corwin, and the two speak on the phone every six weeks or so to discuss Myers’ business progress. “She has provided me with marketing advice, marketing resources and other assistance which has allowed my business to survive and grow,” Myers says. 

Video One Productions